Bagel Dough Maker & Roller

Location: Albany, NY
Full-time and part-time positions available
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday; 3pm-11pm
$13.20 – $17/hr

Our Bagel Bakers will bake all hand-rolled bagels daily to the exceptional level of quality expected at Pearl’s, but their responsibilities do not end there. This Baker also takes care of all things in their realm of bagel-making and is also a team player with a sense of humor. This is a start-up bakery opening during a Pandemic; you need to be flexible, easy-going, resilient, and ready to take on anything that may be thrown your way.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Inventory Management of all ingredients to make bagels, seasonings, flour, yeast, malt barley, etc. Food Costing & Product Ordering for needed ingredients
Storage Management of all dry and cold goods, must keep workstation(s), and equipment used in the process of making bagels organized. Must be excellent at Time Management
Sanitation Management for all items, workspace, bagel storage containers, and space used while making bagels.

Equipment Management:

You must maintain, clean, and sanitize all equipment(utensils, mixing bowls, hot water boiler, bagel boards, bagel proofing boards, proofing cabinet, refrigerator, prep area, oven, etc.)

Able to lift 50lbs or more
Able to follow direction, receptive to feedback
Able to work overnights/early morning hours, weekends, & some Holidays
Must have bagel baking experience and bakery experience required, and photo portfolio of work must be submitted to be considered
Must be an extremely sanitary individual who wears mask and gloves and follows OSHA Health Codes and CDC Guidelines at all times
Must work well with all Pastry Chef, Chef, Front of House / Barista, and Marketing

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